Oolong & Wulong Tea

Oolong Teas consist of larger leaves from the lower part of the Tea Plant Thea sinensis. A semi-fermentation process (18 to 30%) results in a balanced tannin content and a sweet-nutty flavor. Excellent fat burner and cancer prevention supplement. Precious leaves from the Fujian Province in China and parts of Taiwan are also referred to as Wulong Teas (named after Wu Liang who, as legend has it, started the semi-fermentation process of the ‘Black Dragon’ leaves). Many people think these teas help with weight loss, and our top quality loose leaf oolong and wulong teas will give you the maximum benefits. All teas handled, brokered and offered by TeaFountain are naturally grown and fairly traded. Theine (caffeine) content: Medium.

Our Loose-Leaf Green & Black Grade Oolong/Wulong Teas are packaged in custom-designed, decorative and sealed round ‘Silver Glow’ Metal Tins with our award-winning art labels.

Prices shown on this page are mostly for 50Grams/1.8oz (brews 20 to 30 cups of tea). Choose larger volumes and cost-effective Food Service sizes from the drop-down menus.