60048 TEAFOUNTAIN “Collectors Edition Mug No.1”, White Porcelain

‘Thea Sinensis’ Design, Dia 3.5″, H 5″, V 12 oz / This is the first in a continuous series of TeaFountain collectors mugs that we designed for the tea connoisseur. Our Designer mugs are used in Teahouses and Restaurants. We have them manufactured of refined quality porcelain to be dishwasher-safe for many runs without the glaze fading away. Our close relationship with a prestigious German porcelain manufacturer lets us offer our collectors mugs at an attractive price. For this mug we chose the design of the tea plant Thea sinensis and various names of tea categories. The image is displayed from top-to-bottom and around, including the top of the handle. A nice finishing touch is the small tea leaf design on the inside. The 12oz-size makes it a perfect mug at the table, in the office, and while traveling. The Collectors Mug No.1 is available as a single unit or a Discounted Set Of Six Mugs. For professional applications please inquire about discounts for master cartons.