1074 Prime Organic India Black Tea DARJEELING SFTGFOP FF Sungma Estate

Fantastic green-fruity nuance | Rare Organic Sungma Estate Edition:
Crisp, fantastic green tea-like and fruity treat with Olive high notes on the palate.
This First Flush Leaf Tea was harvested, withered, slightly fermented and flown to us.Limited quantities. Precious Silver Tips.Like this rare find for ‘tea connoisseurs’, we still offer the best qualities of much sought after spring crops.Serve also as High Tea and after-dinner & dessert beverage.To sweeten your beverage consider our Rock Candy Crystals or popular Oregon Tea Honeys # 88005.Theine (caffeine) content: Medium | Gift Tin Packaging

Suggested Water Temperature: 185 F – Suggested Infusion Time: 5 Minutes.

Preparation: Bring fresh water to the boil. Let it cool down for a minute. Warm up your tea pot by rinsing it with hot water. Fill one teaspoon per 6 oz cup of this Black Tea into the preheated tea pot or preferred cup. Pour the hot water into the tea. Let infuse up to 5 Minutes and serve. Remove infuser or pour your tea into another tea-pot or thermos carafe. Using an infuser or ‘Permanent Tea Filter’ for your cup or pot makes it easy to separate the leaves from the beverage after steeping.Culinary notes: Because of its fresh and light-green character this Black Tea is offered as a choice with milder foods, vegetarian, macrobiotic or vegetable recipes and special desserts including fruits, light cheese selections. Suitable as afternoon and High Tea choice.

Tea Station & Tea Fountain Custom Designer Blend. Mature Estate Quality.We started creating client and custom blends like this one under our European TEA STATION label in 1975. Since 1997 our traditional tea blend designs and tisanes are also known and sold in the United States. For over 30 Years now the Top Quality and reasonable pricing of our special creations make them very popular selections for tea connoisseurs and clients in the Culinary Industry.

First Flush: First major harvest period / February through June / The first period when the tea leaves after plucking are flushed out onto screens to be processed. First flush teas are usually semi-fermented and carry a green tea character.